John BockmeierShamrock 51 Productions is an independent public affairs firm located in Vancouver, Washington. Our primary focus is to assist clients in the development and execution of effective strategic programs. A variety of business interests, private parties and trade associations, have called upon Shamrock 51 Productions to assist them in the construction and implementation of campaign strategies to improve community relations and achieve their objectives.

Shamrock 51 Productions specializes in grassroots operations and coalition development, and we are dedicated to achieving balanced and effective public policy results. Our experiences and relationships at the local, state and federal levels provide a unique ability to open doors and provide opportunity for our clients.

We will work with you to ensure that your public affairs requirements are a designed activity rather than a crisis response in the management of your business or organization. Shamrock 51 Productions will carefully analyze your individual situation and develop the message and communicate it effectively to targeted audiences. Upon careful analysis of your particular situation, we will then execute strategies to secure political and public support for your public policy and political goals.

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